2 = street urchin, slum urchin, urchin, street arab, bum, rapscallion, ragamuffin.
Ex. The author examines Whistler's visits to the more squalid sections of the city, his views along the Thames and his portrayals of street urchins.
Ex. Victorian photographs of social commentary ranged from the pseudo-sentimental slum urchins of Oscar Rejlander to the stark honest portrayal of the horrible conditions of the Glascow slums by Thomas Annan.
Ex. This is a film that that will melt hearts of stone, with its cast of scruffy urchins who learn both song and life lessons under the tutelage of a paternalistic mentor at a grim boarding school for 'difficult' boys .
Ex. Many New York citizens blamed the street arabs for crime and violence in the city and wanted them placed in orphan homes or prisons.
Ex. Although the results provide support for the 'drunken bum' theory of wife beating, they also demythologize the stereotype because alcohol is shown to be far from a necessary or sufficient cause of wife abuse.
Ex. In all truth, it must be said that this howling, hissing, foot-scraping body of young rapscallions found some cause for complaint.
Ex. He was looking affably at the two dubious ragamuffins and, moreover, even making inviting gestures to them.
* golfo de la playa = beach bum.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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